Scots independence

Scots independence

Good afternoon,

Picked up a copy of MT from Esher Library on Thursday – a very good read.

As a person well south of the border with no vote on the independence issue I would encourage Scots to vote yes. A yes vote would remove 50 or so MPs from Westminster, a good beginning to reduce the governing class.

This would be a start but only a beginning.  When the EU referendum takes place – perhaps I should say IF, bearing in mind all the broken promises – hopefully we will leave this corrupt organisation.  However IF the vote goes to the yes to stay in fraternity, it should be on the clear understanding that a substantial number of MPs, say 400 should be removed.

If this sounds revolutionary it should be borne in mind that over three quarters of our laws are coming from Brussels – you may think some of the laws are a bit loony eg reducing the power of vacuum cleaners but, if the majority of our laws are coming from abroad, why have big government over here?

It follows that there would be a big reduction of the House of Lords and at local level – County and Borough authorities should swept away with just one smaller authority.

Another costly idea is having elected police commissioners. A recent by election for such a person cost £4 million with 10% turnout which meant £18 a vote!

Massive savings could be made if the likes of David Cameron et al had the will. Cutting with a penknife is no good. What is needed is an axe.

Roger Marlow