Safer parking for Blue Badge drivers

Safer parking for Blue Badge drivers

If you are an eligible blue badge holder you may want to find out more about parking safely in public spaces. The Institute of Advanced Motorists guide you through with their latest tips.

Reverse parking

While you may have to spend an extra few moments reversing your car into a parking bay, it’s much easier to do so, as opposed to reversing your car out of a parking bay.

If there’s enough room around you reverse into a bay, because manoeuvring with a warm engine is better for the environment – and parking this way round is also safer.

Spacious parking

Obviously, choose a parking bay that gives you plenty of room on either side of your car. Think about how and where in the bay you park to maximise the room you need – but be careful not to make it impossible for someone else in the car next to you.

Street parking

If you need to park on the road itself, avoid parking your car near sharp bends or junctions where traffic is constantly moving, or where it restricts traffic being able to pass. While you may need to park closer to your destination point, always check to see it is safe.

Sensible parking

Obviously you want to park your car in a parking bay that is not too far from your destination, but look at each bay, and perhaps avoid the one next to the trolley park at the supermarket, to avoid accidental damage.

Give yourself plenty of room to manoeuvre – think about getting back into the car afterwards, and whether you can make sure there is still space for you to do that, even if this means parking a little further away.

Illegal parking

Keep hold of your blue badge without lending it to other drivers – this is illegal. While most people are responsible, there are some cases in which the blue badge has been used by those unentitled to it.

Keep it safe and use it if it is yours to use – discourage anyone who regularly drives you from using when you are not there.