Your profile is the key to successful online dating and finding the right partner

Your profile is the key to successful online dating and finding the right partner

If you have made the decision to join a dating site in an attempt to find a potential match then you are probably already committed to becoming involved in a relationship.

You have probably spent a great deal of time researching dating sites and deciding which one is right for you to join.

Once you have decided to register with a dating site, the next step is to write and submit your profile to the site. This is very important because a well written profile will enhance your chances of making a connection.

If you put care and effort into writing your profile you are more likely to receive a high volume of positive responses then you would if you just threw together a profile without much thought.

Your dating site profile should be honest, well written, informative and eye catching. This type of profile will ensure that you get noticed on the dating site and that your profile stands out from all the others on the site.

How to write an online profile

If you decide to place an online profile, here are some tips that will ensure greater success:

  • Look at profiles that attract you – what is it about them that makes them appealing?
  • Can you apply those qualities to your profile?
  • Take a good close up picture of yourself. Make sure you post it online the right way up – thousands don’t! Research shows that people who used pictures of themselves doing something “conversation worthy” such as playing guitar or scuba diving got the most positive responses
  • Choose your user name carefully – choices such as ‘footballmad’ or ‘hellraiser’ might lead people to make assumptions about your character or lifestyle which makes them automatically reject you without reading any further
  • Be honest about yourself. Ask a friend to describe you and your best qualities
  • If you’re not sure about how to use the internet, ask a young person to help you. They know!
  • Say clearly what you are looking for but don’t be too picky
  • Show your personality to best effect. Don’t say you have ‘the usual interests.’ Find something special and interesting about yourself
  • If you’re not getting the right replies, check your profile. Bad spelling, poor grammar can put people off.

All of these tips will ensure that your profile stands out from the others on the dating site and that elicits the response you are looking for to your profile.  You can find much more information in our Mature Guide to relationships, love and sex supported by Relate for just £9.99 including postage and packaging.

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