Paula’s Wines of the Week starting 16 June 2014

Paula’s Wines of the Week starting 16 June 2014

He still can still sing, jiggle, drive a London Transport double-decker converted into a camper van and make a damn fine wine. Not bad for a chap who started life as a filing clerk for Atlas Lamps. Since those early days in Cheshunt he’s gained a guitar, a name change, a knighthood and a Portuguese vineyard catchily called the Winery of the Singer – Sir Cliff Richard has certainly come on, well done. And he gets to toast his success with his own wines.

Sir Cliff Richard’s Algarve winery turns out two ranges of wines: Vida Nova (blends of local and well-known grape varieties) and the more up-market single varietal Onda Nova (Portuguese for ‘new wave’ wines).

As soon as you pick up the shapely and heavy glass bottles of Onda Nova you know these wines are going to retail for a little more than £2.99. To open the wine entails getting past a very long cork (no screwcaps or plastic corks for Cliff) emblazoned with the Richard’s signature. When you finally get to taste the wines they won’t disappoint.

Onda Nova white is made using the aromatic Verdelho grape. This gives the wine a pear and honey aroma but a more complex flavour consisting of almonds, lemons and Seville orange. If you like Bakewell tart then you’re gonna like this wine.

The rosé is made using a blend of Syrah and Aragonez grapes. Aragonez is known for being tough, but fruity, and grows well in the arid regions of Spain and Portugal. More usually fermented into an everyday rough red, Cliff has turned the grapes into an above-average rosé that tastes of strawberry and raspberry ripple.

Syrah grapes are used for the vinho tinto. The result is balanced blackcurrant and plum flavours with a refined finished.

All three wines are a definite cut above the Yugoslav Riesling young Cliff drank during the filming of Summer Holiday.

To get hold of these tasty wines go to:

Wells Wines

Onda Nova Red £10.99, Onda Nova White £16.50, Vida Nova Rosé £9.19

Molly Brown’s Wine List

Onda Nova Red £9.49, Congratulations Limited Edition Sparkling Rosé £20.99

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