Paula’s Wines of the Week starting 19th March 2018

Paula’s Wines of the Week starting 19th March 2018

SPAR’s new range of £5 and £6 a bottle wines are real winners – and worth popping around to your local store that is ‘there for you’. Launched at the end of last year, these 17 new ‘entry level’ and single grape type ‘varietal’ wines are fruity, food friendly and easy to access with their screwcap tops. So if the last time you shopped at a SPAR was a few years ago then it’s time to take another look – particularly in the wine aisle.

Designed to be enjoyed mid-week, the £5 entry-level wines have approachable names such as the Smooth Red and Crisp White, with bold green, yellow and red labels. Within the bottles however are a single grape variety (or ‘varietals’) – South African Chenin Blanc in the Crisp White and also the Fruity White, plus Spanish Tempranillo in the Bold Red.

Slightly less mass produced is the ‘tier above’ single grape type varietals at £6 a bottle with their highly visable front labels showing large single or double letters denoting their contents – so ‘PG’ Pinot Grigio and ‘S’ Shiraz.

And with their greater depth of flavour these wines are, on the whole, worth the extra pound a bottle.

Infact the entire range is worth a punt – well except the £5 Spanish Fresh Rosé which tastes of virtually nothing and has a vague aroma of cardboard and strawberry.

Despite this one Miss the rest are definite Hits.

So give them a go next time you pop into a SPAR for a sliced white.

PG SPAR Wine Reviews

‘PG’ Pinot Grigio 2016, Italy
Quite a flavourful example of this grape variety with its pear, peach and almond fruitiness.

‘SB’ Sauvignon Blanc 2016, France
Grassy and zingy white with an apple taste.

Fresh Rosé 2016, Spain
This is the Miss rosé. Avoid. Unless you like cardboard flavours.

‘PG’ Pinot Grigio Rosé 2017, Romania
This is the Hit rosé of the bunch with its fresh strawberry aromas and really fresh flavours. The best rosé I’ve had in a long time.

Smooth Red, Spain
Flavours of blackcurrant and crème fraiche.

Bold Red, Spain
The label may be ‘Bold’ but the flavour is more refined with flavours of plum and hints of violets.

‘T’ Tempranillo 2016, Spain
Spicy plum and Parma Violets.

‘S’ Shiraz 2016, France
More spicy plum with cherry and black pepper.

‘CS’ Cabernet Sauvignon 2016, France
The label describes this as ‘fresh’ but my tongue went ‘ah’. Sharp flavours of plum, raspberry and blackcurrant.

‘G’ Garnacha 2016, Spain
A great match to pizza or stroganoff with its flavours of smoky liquorice and blueberry.

‘M’ Malbec 2016, France
A light and balanced red.

‘PN’ Pinot Noir 2016, France
Rasberry and milk chocolate.

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