Our Favourite Games Have Gone Online

Our Favourite Games Have Gone Online

It’s difficult to imagine life before the internet for most people. Now our everyday life seems to be permanently connected. From the tiny machine in our hands to the appliances in our home all linked together by Wi-fi.

Technology has changed everything for humans. It definitely has made life easier in many ways, and it’s interesting to see how it has changed socialising.

Once you would gather in someone’s home, or a local establishment for a night out. At home, game nights have always been popular. In smaller towns across the country, even in pubs, a card game or two would be taking place at tables.

Some places had a games machine, or you could play in arcades dedicated to games. Now, with the advent of new technology we can play our favourite games anywhere.

The way things used to be

Think of the games we used to play at home:

The board games:
• Scrabble
• Monopoly
• Game of Life

Card games that were popular included:
• Gin Rummy
• Beg my neighbour
• Poker

Sometimes a night out involved a trip to the casino. There you could play blackjack and roulette or sit at the slot machines.

Although none of these pastimes have died out completely, they have changed somewhat. Technology has made it so simple for us to play a game without carrying around cards or a board.

The first online casino was established in 1996. This spawned a whole new concept that people have really caught onto in the last decade.

Now people play games of all kinds online, from chess to the world-domination game, Risk. You don’t have to gather friends, as you can play with people anywhere in the world.

You can play with people from your town, or further afield, from the next city or a whole continent away. It’s possible to share your gaming interest with someone who doesn’t even speak the same language.

What are most popular games that have moved online?

Now, instead of a group of men sitting around a table, you’ll find people of all sexes playing cards online. Some of the most popular card games that have moved online, almost seamlessly, include:

• Blackjack
This simple strategy game is a winner for players all over the world.

• Poker
Probably the most favoured game with millions of professionals competing for grand prizes.

• Baccarat
Although not as well-known as the other two card games, it definitely has its enthusiasts.

Some newer card games that don’t involve the four-suit deck, but have gained traction are:

• Tien Len (Thirteen)
A Vietnamese card game, where players aim to get rid of all their cards.

• Cards Against Humanity
This darkly hilarious card game gives players the opportunity to choose the worst possible answers and still win.

This family-friendly card game has special action cards and a voice chat feature for the online version. It also has weekly leadership boards so you can compete with players all over the world.

It’s not just card games that are easily found in an online casino. You can entertain yourself while on a bus or train, or in someone else’s car with easy online games.

Have a look at these games that are loads of fun, but you don’t need a lot of skill to partake:

• Online slots
Slots have been a favourite offline for a long time. Now you can play games such as Starburst and Deal or No Deal online. Other popular online slots include A Night Out, Thunderstruck and Age of Gods.

• Keno
Keno is similar to bingo. It’s a simple, low-risk game where you circle the numbers, and wait for them to come up!

• Roulette
To a novice, it may look difficult, but you can simply choose black or red or a number to win.

Board games you can find online

A great way to gather everyone for a fun night is playing boardgames. Now you can simply take out your phone and entertain all the family without needing game equipment.

What’s more, you don’t even need to be in the same room as the group. You can arrange a games night and play from the comfort of your own living room.

It’s a matter of finding your preferred game on an app store, and hey presto! It’s play time. Here are some games that the creators have taken online:

• Monopoly
The family favourite is easy to find online, and you can choose from cities such as Paris and Tokyo.

• Settlers of Catan
This is a super game to develop strategic thinking. The app is free and you can play with two friends (or teams).

• Scattergories
This game is bound to make people laugh. The app comes free for a fun family or friends virtual gathering.

• Pictionary
For those who are talented at art, or just the hilarity value, the classic drawing game is now available online.

Fun at home or elsewhere, with so many options

Now, a games night can be arranged spontaneously, whether you’re sitting in a friend’s garden or simply at home. You have so many fun options to keep everyone amused online.

Check out an online casino to add some fun to proceedings when you’re not sure what to do. Technology has made it possible for you to play your favourite games any time you like.

Socialising may have changed with technology but with all these possibilities, games night has never been easier.