Why online slots are the fruit machine of the 21st century

Why online slots are the fruit machine of the 21st century

There are some things that just make you think of Britain. One of those things, is the classic pub. Go to any other big city in Europe, and you will find several pubs trying to capture what makes pubs in the United Kingdom so fantastic and so unique. They want to copy the atmosphere because there is something so special and unique about it. There is something about a pub that makes it better than a bar. It is more homely, more calm, more like a place to meet friends rather than be pestered and bothered. Pubs are cosy, pubs are relaxed, pubs are British.

I have been lucky enough to go to many countries in Europe and have often poked my head into their versions of pubs. I once went to Ostersund, which has recently become internationally famous for their football team beating Arsenal in the Europa League, and I went to a pub called The Churchill Arms. It has cricket bats on the wall, British memorabilia behind the bar and a great number of pictures of Winston Churchill.

It was amazing how, in so many ways, it was like being in a pub in the United Kingdom. The furniture was pretty similar, the beer was the same, they had even imported some crisps in from home. Although they were rather expensive. However one thing these places always seem to miss, the one thing they seem unable to conjure up and that is a fruit machine.Slot machines - Gambling - Free for commercial use - No attribution required - Credit Pixabay

In the UK, lots of pubs have fruit machines, they are popular, they are fun and they are near ubiquitous. They are not the most amazing machines but they are fun and to be honest they are great for just being there. They are part of the furniture, they are part of what makes a pub, a pub and they give you a feel of the older days at pubs where these machines were the height of entertainment.

This got me wondering, why is this aspect of British pubs not replicated. So many of the other ones are. These foreign pubs work very hard for authenticity. There are, of course, multiple reasons, one of them could be local laws or another could be because they are hard to get. However one stood out in many of the countries I visited and that is because people loved online slots so they didn’t want to use an inferior machine. Slot machine close up - Free for commercial use No attribution required - Credit Pixabay

In essence, fruit machines are just simple slots, and many European people noted that they not only have great online slots options but that they also get great offers from companies to play. Companies in the UK are now starting to match these deals, there are offers like this Spintastic Promo Code 2018 which can give you a chance to try online slots for free. They won’t be replacing fruit machines totally anytime soon but it does seem online slots are the modern fruit machine.

They are easy to use, they are customisable, they are often themed and they are always fun. If you haven’t tried out online slots yet then there has never been a better time.