Now is the perfect time to learn the keyboard

Now is the perfect time to learn the keyboard

TO CELEBRATE the New Year, Mature Times has teamed up with Casio Music offering a 15% reader discount for its exclusive, beginner keyboard that comes bundled with extras – the LK-136. With learning and playing music not only being fun, but great for your physical and mental wellbeing – now is the perfect time to learn the keyboard.

Recently, we’ve seen many of us look for new ways to entertain ourselves at home, or even pick up new skills – such as learning a new instrument, a keyboard or piano. Apart from the entertainment value of learning the keyboard, there is wide research which shows many health and wellbeing benefits from learning and playing a musical instrument. Studies illustrate it can boost cognitive function and memory, as well as improve motor skills and the effects of arthritis. We have witnessed music therapy being the key to help people of all ages overcome symptoms of depression, anxiety and loneliness.

The uptake of making music with older people has become increasingly popular, including those with dementia – who retain musical aptitude and appreciation even when other abilities are lost. Having launched the world’s first electronic keyboard in 1980 and therefore boasting four decades of expertise and heritage, Casio should be considered the go-to instrument provider for electronic keyboards and pianos.

Casio continues to develop innovative musical instruments today, which are accessible to all. Whether you are thinking of learning, or can already play and are a returning musician, there is a Casio waiting for you…

Perfect starter pack: The LK-136 Home Learning Kit, rrp £139.99

The brilliant LK-136 Home Learning Kit has everything you need to get your musical journey off to a great start. The LK-136 keyboard features 61 full-size lighted keys and comes with an adjustable stand, on ear headphones and a power adapter. Thanks to the LK-136’s innovative music teaching features, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to start playing. Its light up keys – providing the perfect visual aid – show you which notes to press, making it effortless to follow and begin playing one of the 100 songs from the built-in library. Simply select which song to play and see the keys light up.

The LCD display also introduces you to the musical notation too. As well as having 100 songs to choose from, the keyboard is armed with 120 high quality sounds. Lightweight and easy to use, the LK-136 weighs in at just 3.5kg and couldn’t be simpler to operate.

It has dedicated buttons for tone and rhythm selection, making it easy to create the sounds and style wanted. It is the perfect keyboard to fit into any lifestyle with ease. Not only that, but the supplied headphones allow for silent practice or you could choose to hear your performance through the in-built speakers.

Free online lessons

What’s more is that with a purchase of the LK-136 Home Learning Kit, Casio has made it even easier to learn with a series of free online lessons on YouTube but also providing free access to the Casio Music Academy. Watch and participate in a series of online tutorials to help you build your musical skills, which are designed by a dedicated team of music educators.

So, if you are thinking of learning the keyboard, returning to a hobby or perhaps providing a gift for a loved one, then take advantage of our 15% reader discount offer on the LK-136 Home Learning Kit. Head over to and use the code MATURELK15 when you checkout. Offer expires March 31st 2021 (whilst stocks last!).