The mortgage is paid! What’s next for your home?

The mortgage is paid! What’s next for your home?

The final payment is in the bank, the four-decade long mortgage is over and your house is finally yours – so what’s next?

When your house is your own, security can lead to stylistic boredom. Your well-worn designs will become little more than comfort blankets. But now is the time to really let your imagination run wild. Your house is yours – it’s time to craft it into luxury.

With all that extra cash kicking about, what can you do to make your home an even greater place to live?

The ultimate luxury

There’s little more luxurious than adding an entire extra room to your home – especially when that room is a conservatory.

Perfect for those summer months, conservatories are an ideal purchase if you like nothing more than lounging in the Blighty sunlight.

An average conservatory will set you back a few thousand pounds, but the price is equal to the reward. Invest in underfloor heating for your home and you’ll even be able to use the latest addition to your home in the winter.

Ground force

Have you spent your life slaving away when all you really wanted to do was plant some hydrangeas in the garden?

Little beats the therapeutic calm of planting bulbs in the autumn and seeing them blossom into life come springtime. And looking out of your window to see flowers of Secret Garden proportions simply makes the world seem like a better place.

Even if you don’t have green fingers yourself, why not hire a gardener to make the most of your hitherto unused space? With the right eye, your home will be in beautiful full bloom next year.

Get with the times

You might still be working out how to programme the VCR, but the times they are a changin’. IPads, big-screen televisions, laptops and NetFlix – they’re all great fun, and leaving many of the older generation behind.

Now is the time to invest in a few pieces of new tech for your home. Only 25 per cent of people aged 65 or older have an internet connection, and they’re missing out on all the usefulness it can provide.

With a few basic pieces of tech for your home, you can shop online, have your groceries delivered and even communicate with your family overseas. Logging onto the internet for the first time is like feeling a light bulb go off in your head – and you’ll never want to switch it off.

The most basic laptop or tablet will set you back a few hundred pounds – leaving you with a world of wonder at your fingertips.