A miracle cure for night cramps?

A miracle cure for night cramps?

A friend of mine recently started on tablets to reduce cholesterol.  She right away experienced severe cramps at night.  I suggested quinine sulphate tablets, but she did not wish to take any more tablets.

We all thought of tonic water as it contains quinine.  She kept to the well known brand Schweppes, they do flavoured also, as it does not taste very pleasant.  She takes a glass every night before going to bed, and has no further attacks of cramp.

My husband also has the same problem and has found it brilliant after taking the tonic water.

Have passed it on to all my friends with the same problem, they have had the same success.  Only one mis-hap when one of my friends forgot to take it one night the cramp was back.

So I am passing the message on to all the cramp sufferers to see what they think and to try it.

Sue Hermes, Plymouth

Ed:   I suffer with pains in my legs from taking statins so I tried this for two nights and it worked!  Although I find the taste of the tonic water improves with added gin, but not good last thing at night!