Miaow old?

Sooty catDear Mr Young,

I always get a copy, every month, of Mature Times for my Dad – but always have a look, myself!  I was very interested in your article about Poppy the 24 year old moggy, as my dad has a cat of the same age – or possibly older!  He was given the name ‘Sooty’, because he is a black cat, by my sister, who found him dumped in her hedge, in 1990. My sister donated him to my Mum and I remember her saying that Sooty was the same age as my daughter, Suki, who is 24.

Sooty still potters around (much like my Dad); eats; scares-off the cats who live next door and sleeps.  I think he keeps alive for my Dad and vice versa. My Dad, Mr Geoff Page, who will be 89 in September, has spent a lot of time in hospitals, over the last decade.  He has had a quadruple heart bypass; hypothermia; pneumonia; angina; fluid on the lungs…….the list goes on and on! Sooty has waited for his return (my sister and myself have visited him daily to feed him and check all’s well!)

I am attaching a recent photo of Sooty – his once all-black fur is now sprinkled with white!

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Linda Page