It`s the majority vote that counts

It`s the majority vote that counts

Andrew Young writes an excellent letter per/pro Britain remaining in the E.U.; `Costa-lot- E.U. in or out?`.

There`s no doubt at all that there are now many British people living abroad; their choice, remember, but they`re only a fraction of those of us, pensioners and working people, still living at home in the U.K.

Ergo I argue that it`s the majority vote that counts/matters. As to whether this or that will cost more if the U.K. leaves, is, in my opinion, anyones guess.

Costs have always risen and fallen. At the end of the day it comes down to British people making their own decision, via their ELECTED representatives in Parliament, not in Brussels.

What may suit the Germans, the French and the Spanish may NOT suit us, so we should be free , therefore, to differ should we so decide.

Finally it might be a good idea if the correspondent gave an honest answer to (a) his political party and (b) his HONEST view as to our leaving, or staying, in the E.U. Is this article Labour Party policy on the E.U. or your own ?

Can we find an editor/correspondent who does NOT preach the (watered-down) policies of Herr Marx?

Michael Robinson by email