Held back by ageism?

Held back by ageism?

An interesting and apposite article in your April issue.  There are some advantages in getting older, free prescriptions, discounted theatre tickets, bus passes just to mention a few.

However the large companies do not like older people.  Here is an example, I sent this email to our travel insurance company when they sent us the renewal notice:-

I have completed the online application form for renewal and was astonished to find the premium had gone up to £91.79. The present premium is £51.93.  This is an increase of 77%, which is ridiculous.  According to Osborne, the rate of inflation is less than 2%. So where do you get 77% from?

We have been with you for 2 years with no claims so I expect a far better offer from you otherwise we may be minded to look elsewhere.

They replied that I was now over 70 so that was the premium.  Hardly seems fair does it?

Incidentally Saga and Age UK claim to be championing the elderly.  Not so, their insurance quotes for house or car or health are 3-4 times higher than anyone else and the energy unit prices are not competitive.  Hollow promises seemingly.

David Mitchell, Lincolnshire