Extend your hospitality

Extend your hospitality

Will you be having extra guests this Christmas?  Maybe you will be expecting friends and family to visit over the holidays and you would like to be able to offer them a bed for the night but have no room.

The solution may well be an Aerobed from their range of inflatable guest beds.

We sent for one in the office –  no, not because we love our work so much that we don’t want to go home – but because we all have families who can descend on us and may need to stay.

Aerobed Ultra DivanIt is simple to inflate and can be put up in a living room or any room that can double as a temporary bedroom.  Our Ultra Divan model has a comfortable and supportive all-in-one inflatable mattress with divan that like looks and feels like a real bed. The Aerobed Ultra Divan has a velvety flocked finish and comes with a removable, machine washable cotton valance and mattress cover for hygiene and everything rolls up into its own carry bag for compact storage. It has an innovative internal coil structure providing perfect support, allowing visitors to sleep well.

It is like sleeping in a conventional bed, in fact when it is made up you would not realise it is anything other than that.

It will be very handy for when my children suddenly descend on us or choose a glass of wine over a drive home.  With a little jiggling around my home office becomes a cosy extra bedroom.

Guaranteeing a stable, supportive and luxurious mattress for guests: a survey has shown that some visitors even admitted they had a better, more comfortable night’s sleep with Aerobed than they did in their own bed.


The Collection combines the convenience of an airbed with the look and feel of a real divan bed. Offering super-fast inflation, the inflatable beds come equipped with a built-in pump with 3 settings, allowing the guest bed to be inflated in minutes. Aerobed transforms from bag to bed in under 3 minutes, and deflates in under one minute thanks to its patented Whoosh™ Valve.

The beds have a velvety surface and feature the latest comfort-enhancing technology, thanks to the built-in stable and supportive coil system which guarantees a great night’s sleep for your guests.

The Ultra Divan also comes with an adjustable inflation so your guests can cater the firmness of the bed to their preference. It’s easy to pack away with the valve which deflates the bed quickly.  For the ultimate home from home feel, standard sized sheets fit and beds are available in Single, Double or King Size.

Aerobed Luxury Inflatable Guest Bed Double
RRP: £199.99

Aerobed Ultra Divan Double
RRP: £225.00