What does your ideal home say about you?

What does your ideal home say about you?

Regardless of whether you’re looking into buying a new family house or a retirement home for yourself or a love one, your ideal home can reveal a great deal about your personality.

From overly bright colours to retro furniture and state-of-the-art appliances, our homes are both a reflection of the way we live and an extension of our personalities. Most of us will base our ideal home on a comfortable, relaxed setting – somewhere they can easily unwind and recharge.

But what does it say about you?

Wall colour

Bright, vivid hues can bring a lot of energy to a room. Those who boast hectic lifestyles may prefer houses showcasing bright walls and patterned wallpapers to match, especially as cheery rooms work to wake you up after a long day in the office.

Alternatively, individuals’ wishing to create a hub of tranquillity will often prefer homes brandishing cool, calming tones as neutral tones tend to reflect those who are practical in nature.

The bedroom

Your bedroom is the most personal space in your home. From acting as the perfect display case to your most prized mementos to serving a practical purpose, it’s here that you are able to escape life’s everyday stresses and strains – regardless of whether you choose to fashion a serene space or a sumptuous boudoir.


You’re home doesn’t have to be perfectly spotless at all times. Sometimes a little mess can make it appear more homely. However, too much mess – especially the likes of dirty dishes and dust on the countertops – can make guests think that you’re lazy, overly busy or untidy.

Tidying up a little each and every day is one way to stop a small amount of mess turning into an overwhelming sum of washing-up and soiled surfaces.

Decorations and accessories

Homes brimming with an abundance of family pictures and decorations generally appear more welcoming. They also offer an insight into an individual’s life – especially those showcasing photos of their latest travel adventures, overflowing bookcases housing favourite novels, exceptional artwork and antique accessories. Each piece will most likely have a story to tell and it’s your job to tell it.


From having labelled baskets and drawers for each and every item you own, to hanging your clothes in colour order, there are a number of ways to stay organised at home. Doing so will not only allow you to live a less cluttered lifestyle, it will also suggest to others that you’re an exceptionally organised individually when it comes to both your work and home life.