Don’t keep quiet about your health

Don’t keep quiet about your health

A recent study has found back ache is the most common health complaint to ignore, followed by poor eyesight, a lack of energy, muscle pain and headaches.

Hearing loss, along with digestive problems and stomach pain are also among the top ten, the first of which experts believe demands greater attention from potential sufferers.

Medical Broadcaster Dr Hilary Jones said: ‘It’s worrying to see how long people are leaving things before they seek help, but also that conditions such as hearing loss are on this list, which now has strong links to other serious health conditions such as dementia and depression.’

It’s not just ongoing symptoms people are putting off dealing with as half regularly delay or avoid getting a routine screening such as a smear test, eye test or hearing test.

40% admit they have never had their hearing checked with nearly half saying it has been more than ten years.


In response to this research, Hidden Hearing is supporting “The Campaign for Better Hearing” to encourage everyone in the UK to “Test Your Ears at 55 Years”.

Five free pairs of hearing aids are being awarded every month to people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford them as part of Hidden Hearing’s commitment to help everyone hear their best and live a happy, healthy life.

If you or a loved one would like to be considered for an award please email, quoting ref CBHP2018 or telephone 0800 740 8706.

For more information or to book a free hearing test, visit the Hidden Hearing site at

Top 10 health issues people are currently putting up with

  1. Back pain

    Dr Hilary Jones

    Dr Hilary Jones

  2. Poor eyesight
  3. Lack of energy/ lethargy
  4. Muscle aches
  5. Headaches
  6. Toothache
  7. Stomach pain
  8. Digestion issues
  9. Hearing problems
  10. Acne / bad skin