Why not rent in retirement rather than buy?

Why not rent in retirement rather than buy?

As you review your retirement options, you’ll want to feel safe and secure and that you are in control of your money and your assets. You’ll also want to know that you’re not wasting your hard-earned savings or retirement income. With all the recent concern in the press about the negative returns in some retirement property purchases, why not consider a Rental model?

Property purchase maintains the valued position of ownership, but many retirement properties are leasehold not freehold anyway. What will set them apart though are the ongoing monthly service charges and maintenance costs. You also won’t see any return from the stamp duty and conveyancing charges with purchasing, or if you have to decorate and fit new carpets.

Retirement properties often carry a price premium as the costs for common areas have to be covered; you may also only be able to sell back to the developer, at their valuation. Also look out for any ‘Exit Fees’ as these can be a considerable percentage of either the original purchase price or the sell back value.

In contrast, the all-inclusive Hawthorns Rental Model offers easy planning and flexibility, with no hidden costs or long term commitment; if your circumstances change then just serve 30 days’ notice, with no exit fee. All-inclusive provides three restaurant quality meals daily plus refreshments, a daily activities and events programme, even trips out in our own private minibus. We cover all property repairs, gardening, utility bills, Council Tax, provide your weekly housekeeping and bedlinen cleaning, and all apartments come freshly decorated with high quality carpets. A simple retirement, there to enjoy.

The financial comparison is compelling, so it’s a matter of individual choice. Look for clarity and the cost-free ability to change your mind at any time. Search ‘Hawthorns Retire’ on-line or on Facebook.