Grandparents are now ‘cool’

Grandparents are now ‘cool’

‘Cool’ grandparents drive a Range Rover, let the kids stay up late and use Facebook regularly, according to a study.

Researchers who polled 2,000 children aged 5 to 15 also found most believe they have hip grannies and granddads because they own iPads and dish out lots of pocket money.

Others said their grandparents help them find funny YouTube videos, let them choose what they want for dinner and join them playing games on the Wii.

Overall the research found 65 per cent of children described their grandparents as cool, while 75 per cent said they hoped to be like their grandparents when they grow old.

The poll by McCarthy & Stone, the UK’s leading retirement developer, also revealed the coolest grandparents are most likely to be called Ted and Maggie.

Kim Caldwell, Sales & Marketing Operations Director, McCarthy & Stone said: “This survey shows how fondly children think of their grandparents.

“While they want their grandparents to be up to speed with the latest technology, it seems they still hanker for traditional things like card games, picnics and of course, extra pocket money.  They also love days out with them and being taken on holiday.

“Having the time and freedom to spend with your grandchildren pays dividends for retirees, it’s treasured time that children will remember forever.”

Three top things grandchildren said about their grandparents’ retirement was that they enjoy their friends and family, are always active and busy, and that they have fewer responsibilities now and are making the most of it.

Two thirds of grandchildren said they can be a lot naughtier with their grandparents as they can get away with a lot more and a crafty 15 per cent said they often do very well financially out of granny and granddad.

While touchingly, more than six in ten 5 to15 year olds feel they can talk to their grandmother or grandfather about absolutely anything.

And eight in ten said they felt utmost respect for their mum and dad’s parents, with the main reason being because they say what they think.

Giving good advice, producing amazing meals and still being in love were other things kids admired. And one in five said ‘they hold the family together’.

Adds Kim Caldwell of McCarthy & Stone:  “This research shows that today’s grandparents earn the highest regard and respect from their grandchildren for their fun, independence and values.

“Not only do they get stuck into their lives and interests they pass on knowledge, advice and give their grandchildren a take on life they might not otherwise get.”


1. Let you stay up late

2. Push money into our hands going ‘sshh’

3. Take you on days out

4. Let you choose what you want for dinner

5. Always have homemade cakes available

6. Always have sweets on hand

7. Let you bake and don’t moan about the mess

8. Take you on holiday with them

9. Like listening to your music in the car

10. They laugh at You Tube videos

11. Know lots of card games

12. Help you build dens

13. Let you have picnics indoors

14. Play on the Wii

15. Tell you secrets you’re not allowed to tell your parents

16. Laugh at rude songs you learnt in school

17. Have a drawer full of magnificent jewellery and nik-naks

18. Let you go on the computer as long as you want

19. Know modern songs

20  Bring hot chocolate/tea to you in bed

21. Teach you about flowers and trees

22. Let you ride on the lawn mower

23. Let you play out in the rain

24. Teach you to swim

25. Keep secrets from Mum and Dad


1. iPad

2. Flat screen TV

3. iPhone

4. Holiday home abroad

5. HD TV

6. Lots of games

7. Facebook Account

8. Email account

9. Swinging hammock

10. Dog