Is that Grandma on Facebook?

Is that Grandma on Facebook?

As a regular visitor to Facebook I still have serious doubts as to the safety of users especially younger children.

Despite Facebook having an age restriction of over 13s only, I have been contacted by grandchildren who want to “be my friend”.  I have even been contacted by my friends’ grandchildren. 

I find this worrying especially as some of the pictures posted could easily be used by paedophiles.

It amazes me that their parents allow these posts to be made.  It is not as if they don’t know as they also have their parents as friends.  I checked on Facebook as to what their restrictions are and have copied the statement below:-

Facebook requires everyone to be at least 13 years old before they can create an account (in some jurisdictions, this age limit may be higher). Creating an account with false info is a violation of our terms. This includes accounts registered on the behalf of someone under 13.

If your underage child created an account on Facebook, you can show them how to delete their account.

If you’d like to report an account belonging to someone under 13, please fill out this form. Note that we’ll promptly delete the account of any child under the age of 13 that’s reported to us through this form.

Is it up to me to report this violation?  What do their parents think?  And some of these parents are my own children!

There is also the much reported situation with bullying on line and I know one of my granddaughters had serious problems with this in the past.  Luckily her parents were aware and helped her through this but more vulnerable children have been driven to despair.

By accepting the children on the world wide platform, Facebook is going against it’s own policy and making a mockery of safety regulations.  When you open an account you have to give your date of birth.

So how can it accept an application from an under 13 year old.  Or the children lying?  Should I be condoning this?

But maybe I am missing the point.  I have accepted friend requests from two of my under age grandchildren although I have refused others who are not directly related to me.

To explain myself further I do not live in the same country as them, so it is a good way to see photos and keep in contact with them and their families.  But often I am shocked by the pictures and posts that are displayed.

Is it up to me as a grandparent to bring this to the attention of my children or just to accept what is now a world wide tool for keeping in touch?

Am I the only grandparent who is really worried?

by C. Parkinson