Got a good joke?  Here’s a few.

Got a good joke? Here’s a few.

We picked your paper up in Fair View nursery cafe.  I thought I would send you a few jokes I can still laugh at them when I think about them.

These two fellows had been in the pub all night.  They came out and they had missed the last bus home.  They had got a long way to go so they started to walk till they came to the bus depot.  One says “shall I go in and pinch a bus?”  His mate says “Go on then.  I’ll stay by the gate and keep a look out.”

He was in there a long time so his mate when to see where he was when he met him coming out.  He says  ”I can’t find a No. 7 bus anywhere”  His  mate says “Well go and get a no 9 and we can walk from the roundabout.”

Tony Bennett went to this old people’s home to entertain for the afternoon.  He started to sing, he looked around but no one was taking any notice of him so when he was finished he went up to one old lady and said “Do you know who I am?”  She said “I should ask the nurse love, she will tell you.”

It was a lovely sunny day and this fellow decided to go for a walk across the fields and down the country lane.  He came on to the lane, it was a very long one and he started to walk and noticed a hearse at the bottom coming slowly along behind him followed by a long queue of men right to the bottom of the lane.

He was curious so when the man with the dog got level he says “Who’s died?”.  The man says “the wife”.  So he says” I am sorry what killed her?”  and got the reply “the dog bit her” then he says “Can I borrow your dog?”  And the first man replied “Join the queue!”

Mrs E Robbins, Walsall