Give it a bit of a polish with iWhite

Give it a bit of a polish with iWhite

Theresa Fisher has a go with the iWhite Tooth Polisher

iwhiteAt first glance this little gadget doesn’t seem dissimilar to an electric toothbrush, but with a little (seemingly flimsy) rubber nodule on the end instead of a brush.

However, once the iWhite Tooth Polisher is turned on, this powerful machine really does go to work on those stubborn stains. As a coffee and red wine-loving, smoker, I’ve really not chosen the best lifestyle for white teeth!

After the first use with the tasty minty-fresh paste included, my teeth felt smoother, and within a week I could really tell the difference in their colour.

It also doesn’t take long to use – it is only recommended to polish each tooth for a couple of seconds after brushing – so for some with no time to waste, this is a great bonus!

At £39.99 it’s not too expensive.  And considering all the time I’ll save with the extra trips to the dentist, hygienist, and hopefully saving my teeth in the long run, I’m going out to buy a spare for the future.


Available to buy in Boots stores nationwide or online at