Four ideas to add heart to your home

Four ideas to add heart to your home

You’ve invested in a conservatory, a telly with a higher definition than reality and a bedroom with more opulence than the Queen’s quarters at Buckingham Palace. Indeed, you’ve created a home of grandeur and luxury – but where’s its soul?

The little things are what turns your house into a home, gives it that little bit of personality that a massive telly simply can’t fill.

With that in mind, what can you do to give your grand home a dose of charm?

A warm welcome

The entrance to so many homes is neglected, like a clumsy cousin to the rest of your house’s chic interior.

But what better feeling is there than ambling up to your door to see a welcome sign and a few hanging plants to greet you? The entrance to your home should symbolise a break from the strains and stresses of urban living, so make it as welcoming as you can.

Splash out on door mats with a heartening welcome message, give your door an extra spit and varnish, populate your doorstep with sweet-smelling plants and keep it well maintained. No matter how tiring your day, you’ll always be glad when you get to your door.

Culture calling

Having a nice telly is one thing, but there’s little better feeling than the sight of a few good books. Musty old volumes, brand new paperbacks, Penguin classics from the 50s – for whatever reason, a decent collection of books just feels more satisfying than DVDs.

Add some culture to your home by satisfying your bookish urges. Pepper your newfound library with ornaments to add variation to your collection. Great literature can add a bit of life to any living room, so get bookish pronto!

Sentimental ornamental

Those dodgy ornaments you picked up from your holidays might not look great, but they beg one question – can sentimentality top style?

Family photos are, without question, a healthy addition to any home, but what about those other tacky mementos? In small doses they can evoke happy memories and are ace talking points for guests.

You’ve lived a life – in your later years, it’s important to flaunt it.

The rustic look

Those clean, pristine, all-white homes just seem so sterile, don’t they? They’re like the fantasy world of Patrick Bateman.

Add heart to your home by eliding the spotless modern look altogether. Instead, vie for a rustic look that’ll seem ramshackle yet charming.

Warm browns, patchy metals and deeper, darker colours can all provide your home with that lived-in feel. More than this, add a few plants and other pieces of flora to give your rooms an earthy vibe. After all, what’s the point in a home if it doesn’t feel lived in?