Forever 21

Forever 21

A woman finally celebrates her 21st birthday today – making her Britain’s ‘youngest’ GREAT-GRANDMOTHER.

Young at heart Andrée Reardon, born on February 29, 1932, only technically has a birthday once every four years – making her younger than her own grandchildren.

The pensioner, who has been alive 84 years, is delighted to have made it to her 21st birthday, which she celebrated with a big cake, a ukulele band and her large family.

Andrée, from Dover, Kent, said: “This is one thing I’ve been waiting for, for a long time. It’s a very special day.

“I always thought it was rather special to be born on February 29.

“I thought I would love to still be here for my 21st.”

Andrée, who has ten great-grandchildren, four grandchildren, and two children, worked as a telephonist in the RAF.

She has lived in Dover, Kent, for more than 40 years and also worked at the Duke of York Military School as a house matron for 14 years.

In previous years, she has marked her birthday on March 1 – but this year will finally got to celebrate on her real birthday for the 21st time.

The gran has only met one person who she shares a birthday with in her life – a friend of her uncle called Andre, who visited from the Canadian Army when she was young.

She said: “It’s surprising how many people say they never knew anyone born on a leap day.”

by Courtney Greatrex