Five adult only holiday ideas

Five adult only holiday ideas

Adult only holidays offer you a world of opportunities and a treasure chest of lasting memories. They are all about relaxing and re-charging your batteries, while spending time with a loved one, special friend or family member, without the chatter of children to distract you. Bliss is the name of the game.

There are so many different styles of adult only holidays to choose from, but take a look at our top five suggestions, to see which could be perfect for your next grown-up adventure.

Consider a child-free cruise

Cruising without the kids lets you enjoy adult company while visiting numerous new places. With no little ones in tow, you can fee free to join in with any and all onboard activities, from fitness classes through to luxurious spa indulgences, while never feeling selfish.

One cruise line that has embraced the adult only concept particularly well is Marella Cruises. Their dedicated vessel, Marella Explorer 2, sails from its home port of Naples and has cornered the market in terms of offering luxury, relaxation and engaging entertainment for an adult only crowd.

Sightseeing without the whining

Sightseeing trips are one of the main reasons for taking a holiday at all, but with kids involved, excursions can often be cut shorter and punctuated with moaning. If soaking up some local history and culture or wandering through exotic city quarters at your own pace, guidebook in hand, is at the top of your agenda, then the destinations open to you are seemingly limitless. You’ll be able to see exponentially more things, when holidaying without youngsters.

Dolomites - Alps - Italy - Free for commercial use - No attribution required - Credit Pixabay

Dolomites, Alps, Italy

Imagine strolling along Rome’s Via di San Gregorio, past the ancient Arch of Constantine, to the Colosseum or exploring Dubrovnik’s Gothic-Renaissance palace that was once the rector’s office. Of course, you can’t leave this Adriatic gem without taking the cable car to the top of Mount Srd for the most amazing views and unrivalled photo opportunities. What a story to tell your friends back home, over a dinner party.

Culinary adventures

The pleasure of trying new and exotic cuisine, without worrying about the children being over-fussy, is intrinsic to adult only holidays. While many people relish the opportunity to leave the chores of everyday life behind, cooking, for some, is more than just a pleasure; it’s a passion, which is why foodie holidays are great for grown-ups.

Imagine the joy of booking a getaway to a live-in cooking school, or planning a break that is centred around wine appreciation. You couldn’t do that with kids involved! Choosing to embark on a holiday that will teach you new skills, add more fire to an already burning passion and put you in contact with like-minded people of a similar age, will remind you that your individuality is just as important as being part of a family unit.

Try your luck

It’s no secret that there are certain locations in the world that are entirely geared towards adult only enjoyment and chief amongst them has to be Las Vegas! Chock full of neon-lit casinos that offer day-to-night run-ins with Lady Luck, as well as upbeat stage shows, bustling buffets and an undeniable sense of kitsch, Las Vegas is definitely somewhere to enjoy with friends or romantic partners.

Grand Canyon - United States - Free for commercial use - No attribution required - Credit Pixabay

Grand Canyon, United States

For a touch of outdoor Las Vegas excitement, a helicopter ride across the Grand Canyon is hard to beat. While you might end up screaming like a child while it’s happening, you won’t have to worry about calming scared little ones and missing out on the incredible views.

We never stop learning

It may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you’re planning your next trip, but focussing it around learning a new skill is a wonderful way to get away from ‘normal life’ for a few days.

From painting holidays in France through to working on a ranch in Canada, there will be a learning getaway that is perfect for you and your preferred activity level. Anyone can come back from a break and wax lyrical about the food and sunshine, but how many people can say that they mastered an entirely new life skill? Talk about a memory that will last a lifetime.

Whether your children have already flown the nest, are going on their own holiday with grandparents or you decided to forgo having them altogether, adult only holidays are amazing. Dictated by you and nobody else, they really let you put the ‘me’ back in ‘me-time’.