Established charities join forces to support 75,000 carers in North East London and Essex

Established charities join forces to support 75,000 carers in North East London and Essex

Crossroads Care Havering and Crossroads Care Redbridge, Epping and Harlow joined forces earlier this year to help support more carers across the areas where they have successfully operated for over 20 years.

The Charity, whose national roots’ stem from a storyline the 1970’s soap opera “Crossroads”, now has a joint workforce of over 120 trained, professional and experienced care staff (Care Support Workers) offering support to carers living in our communities.

Kathy Verges, Chief Executive Officer of Carers Trust EHHR who has led Crossroads Care Havering for over 20 years is passionate about their aims, “Our Charity is here to help the carer through their individual journey whether they are caring long term for someone with a chronic health condition or helping their loved one at the end of their life.  Our services cover specialist areas of care with staff who genuinely understand what carers face on a daily basis and who are equipped professionally to support those people carers look after so that carers are able to take some time out for their own well-being.”

Kathy continued, “It is our aim that our new charitable organisation will be able to develop an increased range of high quality and bespoke services for all our client groups.  We hope this launch has shown carers our continued commitment to support them, and explained to those in authority the breadth of specialist services we provide.  We were delighted to be so well supported on the day and we hope that our carers’ stories and our aims and passion for supporting carers came through.”

According to the last survey of Carers in Households in England, over half said their health had been affected because of the care they provide.* Due to their caring responsibilities, carers find it a struggle to look after their own mental and physical health needs.

Carers Trust EHHR invests in good quality training and is proud of its long serving staff team many of whom were presented with long service awards by the local Mayors.  Staff who received awards have worked for the organisation for between 5 and 28 years.

Staff, supporters and service users all regularly take part in fundraising events to provide extra activities and services to those in need of care and support and the Charity welcomes the support of the community, donations and sponsorship to further their work.  To find out more details or how to support the charity please log onto their website

The Charity supports people of all ages and with any disability or health condition, including the elderly and frail and people living with dementia.

*According to statistics from the Survey of Carers in Households in England (produced by the NHS Information Centre for Health and Social Care), 2011.