Enhancing your career in later life

Enhancing your career in later life

We all have dreams and ambitions that we want to achieve.  Some of us are lucky and achieve our goals early on in life, however sometimes life can get in the way, and we forget about what we always wanted to do, and concentrate on other things… but why?

The thought of changing your career later in life can be very scary, and something that not everyone can have the pleasure of doing. But if you’re in a job you don’t enjoy and don’t get out of what you want, then what’s stopping you?

Your life is your own, and you should always strive to make sure you achieve what you always wanted to do!

When changing career the chances are that you’re going to need some kind of training or extra qualifications. Some people say that they feel that they’ve been out of education for so long that they wouldn’t even know where to start, which is understandable. A very good starting point is by discovering how you learn.

There are three main learning styles, they are: auditory, tactile, and visual. It has been disputed, but the theory is that that once you know what the best way is for you to learn, that you will be able to take in and process information in a more effective way, to then and ultimately achieve your goals.

Find out exactly what your style of learning is by entering our quiz:


One career path that many people always dreamed to take is to teach. Teaching is a profession that many would like to do, but one that not all actually can.

According to Money Wise there are over 20,000 teaching job vacancies in the UK. The jobs are there and waiting, they just need you!

Getting into teaching can be surprisingly easy. All qualifications you’ll need can be found here.

Once you’ve achieved this, or maybe you already have, you’re ready to get your first teaching job and start your career.

Many people can find it hard to find their first role, and go through programs such as Premier Pathways run by Edustaff to help you make that first step in your new career.


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