Effective marketing tools to promote your charity cause

Effective marketing tools to promote your charity cause

Your charity may be for a very worthy cause but unless you can get your message out there, you are unlikely to receive the much needed donations that make a difference. To that end, this post looks at the marketing tools you can use to tell people about your charity from fundraising events to general day to day literature. In the first instance visit https://www.helloprint.co.uk/ and view their offerings.

Consider Banners to get the Charity Message Out There

If you’re holding an event or sponsoring one a banner can get your charity brand in the public consciousness. Every organisation needs to be a brand. Think about Oxfam, Age UK, or Cancer UK. They not only operate in the charity sphere but they have their own chain of shops. Although they sell donated items to the public, they are very much brands in their own right. We’ve all seen the ads.

Banners are a great form of branding and a great way to gain much needed exposure for your brand.

Think Stationary

Having a uniform brand extends to every aspect of the business. Pens, letterheads, envelopes, post-it notes, everything should carry your branding. If you consider that most brands believe that they need six contacts with a prospective customer before they buy, it is probably scalable in the charity sector. So as well as doing your blogs and social media updates, ensure the pens and free packs you give out carry it as well.

Brochures and Flyers

Brochures and flyers still play an important role in marketing. Having printed media in the hand has arguably become more significant with the advent of digital marketing. They carry more weight, make for great welcome packs and they keep you more memorable. People still like to browse a brochure rather than stare at a small screen to read your literature. The coffee you have while you read the brochure is more delicious than on a phone or tablet!

Flags to Raise Awareness for your Charity Cause

Like flags, banners are great for events to help raise awareness of your cause. Flags catch the eye and people naturally look at them. If people see your organisation on the flag you have put it in their minds. This is powerful stuff.

Branding Extends to Fun Stuff

As you throw events that get families involved you can put your branding on things such as balloons and paper plates and cups. Your staff can have your branding on t-shirts. The more visible you are the more likely you are to get a donation.

Marketing and Donations

Marketing is essential to any organisation. Whether it is online and offline all organisations need to get the message out. Although it won’t secure you every donation you still need human contact for that, you can still utilise it for your charity.

In an age where we think about online being everything, it is good to know that a simple printed letter can still hold power and get donations for a good cause. Ensure you are using all kinds of marketing for donation success.