Dyson Pet Groom Tool review

Dyson Pet Groom Tool review

“Lucy, why not have a go at trying to vacuum clean your dog?” This was the statement made to me when I was promptly handed all the information for Dyson’s pet grooming tool.

“Utter insanity” I thought.  But what fun!

You see, I have a rather large, long haired, Beast. Commonly known as Prince, the German Shepherd Dog. Yes, he is fabulously trained, will do anything I ask of him, but to brush him with a Vacuum Cleaner..?

The attachment itself is fabulous. It’s lightweight and it’s incredibly simple to attach – with an adapter for the different sizes of the hose you may need to attach it to – it just clicks into place and away you go. It’s easy to use – the more flexible the hose on the cleaner, the easier it is, and provided your dog will sit still, it’s brilliant. The bristles on the brush are sturdy and do get through his coat, and because they are also retractable (with an easy to hold, “push forward” style button), the hair just gets sucked into the hose, only to be seen the next time you empty the cleaner!

Poor Prince must’ve thought I was barmy telling him to “sit” and “stay” while I fiddled around setting it all up (it all takes less than a minute to plug in the cleaner, attach the Grooming Tool, AND try and reassure your dog that you AREN’T losing the plot!).  His head cocked to one side in the look of “Mum, if you think I’m going to sit and watch you vacuum the living room, you have another thing coming!”

But needless to say, the minute I put the brush through his coat, he was over the moon. Instantly rolling over and kicking his legs in the air! One happy dog! The Groomer went all the way through his coat, and even sorted out his tail and back end (which any owner of a Long Haired ‘Shep’ will know, it very easily turns to afro-style fluff). It left no balls of hair on the carpet, no excess dust floating around, and nothing (I mean, literally nothing) to clean up afterwards.

It’s unfortunate that Dyson have yet to create a softer version for short haired Canines as I truly believe this could be a godsend to any dog owner. At present the Grooming Tool is only suitable for medium to long haired dogs and cats. The only other downside to it is that being attached to a Vacuum Cleaner, the noise of the cleaner comes along with it, so any owner with an animal scared of the noise as opposed to the cleaner itself, may struggle.

For me, it’s perfect. Well worth the £40.00 price tag – provided the tool is durable enough to last as long as the cleaner itself.

You can purchase the Dyson Grooming Tool here