Doro Experience – makes your tablet wonderfully simple

Doro Experience – makes your tablet wonderfully simple

Using a tablet computer can be confusing to some. All the different icons for different ways of doing the same thing and all you want to do is look at a picture. Or read an email. Or check your calendar. Frustrating just isn’t the word for it!

But Doro has come up with a novel alternative. An experience that takes over your tablet, and simplifies it completely into 6 ‘apps’ – Pictures, Contacts, Calendar, Internet, Email and Web Radio.

Fantastic. Now all I need to do is switch it on and pick what I want to do, touch my finger on the screen and away I go!

The Doro Experience comes in a small box – but all that is inside is a licence key. You’ll still need to set up the tablet initially so it will connect to the internet. But as soon as everything is installed, that’s it.

The font is large and clear to read. The options are minimal and easy to distinguish.

The best bit? You can manage it online. If you don’t feel comfortable entering all your address book into the tablet directly, or have family and friends that want to add things on to your tablet for you, there is an Experience Manager online!

The Experience Manager is an online account which you can connect to your tablet or android phone, and be able to add calendar dates, photos, address book information, and for all the saved information pop straight onto your tablet. Your friends and loved ones can use it too – so you can all share those priceless family snaps almost instantly.

At £40, the Doro Experience Manager is not exactly cheap. But it is a 2 year registration, with all the instructions included. Personally I think it is well worth the money for a bit of simplicity.