Customer first

Customer first

The world we live in appears to change now on a daily basis, and governed by two minority parties, who disagree on a regular basis, under the name of democracy, which certainly does not benefit anyone.

Interesting to see Lord Mandelson Labour’s formal business secretary is against Mansion Tax, the owner of a property in excess £8 million, and completely relaxed about getting filthy rich, like his rich friends, begrudges paying any taxation, and could not care one iota about anybody but himself, and is just one of today’s super-rich.

Of course there are the few who genuinely earned their fortunes, and congratulations to them all.

Regrettably the majority through failure have gained untold wealth, in some cases causing the collapse of companies, receive phenomenal golden handshakes, and those same people go on throughout their career destroying everything they touch, because they have no conscience, as to be in business one has to be ruthless.

We only have to look what recently happened to Tescos, who forgot the customer comes first – no customer, no business.

The suppliers to all supermarkets as shown on Panorama charged to supply their goods, farmers put out of business by the conglomerate’s greed, whilst the government sit on their hands and do nothing.

The blame as we progress with technology has to be placed on the Internet, and owing to the recession, consumers turned to buying goods on the web, as they are cheaper, this is the competition conglomerates such as our supermarkets are confronted with.

by Dale Quentin