Continue to live and learn

Continue to live and learn

After thirty years as a teacher in Italy I wanted a change. When I was searching on the internet I discovered a group of volunteers based at Lancaster University: the Continuing Learning Group (CLG).

We exchanged emails and phone calls and I was invited to join them and their activities. I asked my headteacher for a sabbatical year and last September arrived in Lancaster.

a discussion groupThe CLG is an educational group organised by volunteers under the auspices of the Centre for Ageing Research in the School of Health and Medicine.

It hosts regular Wednesday Lunchtime Lectures on campus at Fylde College.

These are given by academics mainly and cover a wide range of topics with plenty of chance to ask questions and explore the themes. All are welcome, no booking is needed.

A Research Circle takes place soon after the lectures; it is sociable as well as educational where group members and attendees are invited to discuss study projects they are engaged in.

The CLG also facilitates attendance at open lectures where members of the public have the opportunity to attend a selection of undergraduate lectures on a variety of subjects, ranging from sciences and technologies to languages and history.

An outdoor visit

CLG’s website is continuously updated and provides all the information related to our activities and to upcoming events of cultural interest in the Lancaster area, as well as audio recordings and PowerPoint slides from the lectures where permission by the lecturer has been given to use these.

Before the lectures and afterwards in the café, during the break preceding the research circle, various announcements of upcoming events are often given: an art exhibition, a trip to a manor, a concert, a conference, a theatrical performance or a film. Sometimes it is possible to arrange an outing to enjoy the event together. After the Easter vacation, our lunchtime lectures will re-start on April 30th.

Some examples: The Life of Lenin by Hilary Walkett, Learning a Second Language by Jenefer Philp, Georgian Music by Andrew Hornby and An Italian Observes the Lancastrians by me.  Further details are available on our website.

The CLG can be contacted via  facebook at seniorlearner or by email to

by Franco Manni