The Casserole Club – a great way to combat loneliness in the community

The Casserole Club – a great way to combat loneliness in the community

Munna is an outgoing lady in her early eighties. Originally from Shimla in the Himalayas, she now lives in North Barnet, where she lives in sheltered accommodation but with little contact with other people.

MunnaMunna signed up to Casserole Club after the team came to speak to her and others at her home. She saw it as a way to meet new people in the area.

After Munna’s details were put on the Casserole Club website, she was contacted by Oruj, a cook who shares more just a love of food with Munna as she has a daughter with the same name.

When they first met Munna says: “I was a bit nervous but we chatted and shared feelings. She brought her daughter who is also called Munna along. So now I’m known as big Munna and she is known as little Munna.”

After the success of the first meal share another one was organised for the following week.

Having the chance to meet more of Oruj’s family means a lot to Munna as it provides the companionship that she feels is missing from her life. She puts it very simply, “this is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.”

Oruj has seen the difference her visits have made: “We talk about our week, our families, our friends, our husbands, what we’re reading, the music we’re listening to and as we do all that we sit down to eat together. She wants company. And my daughters and I are able to fulfil that void. That is enormously rewarding.”