New dawn for cannabis as health benefits realised

New dawn for cannabis as health benefits realised

With medical cannabis made available in Britain last year, you may be wondering if you can use it to treat your ailments. It has been proven to bring relief to chronic pain suffers, as well as reduce epileptic fits. With this in mind, let’s take a close look at how cannabis can be used for medical purposes and what’s involved with growing your own.

Growing your own cannabis

Legally, to grow your own cannabis for medical purposes in the UK can only be done under licence. Nonetheless, if you need it for medical purposes, it is worth spending time filling in the application form and jumping through a few hoops.

Once complete, you’ll need to look at sites like to find the best source of cannabis seeds and equipment. One of the great things about growing marijuana is that as well as naturally producing something that can help you medically, it is a fascinating and highly rewarding hobby.

One thing, always ensure you get feminised cannabis seeds as the feminine variant produces a much higher yield. Always choose a good supplier of cannabis seeds and equipment as you don’t want to go to all the effort of growing the plant only to be disappointed.

Medical uses of cannabis

According to various studies, cannabis has profound medical benefits. Discover more information on the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes below;

Chronic pain relief

Cannabis and more overly cannabinoids, the active ingredient in marijuana have been shown to bring about chronic pain relief. Given that chronic pain relief is a leading cause of disability, it is no stretch to say that cannabis could improve the lives of suffers considerably.

This conclusion has been reached after the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine researchers went through over 10,000 research papers on the subject.

Beating alcoholism and drug addiction

Although there is some controversy with using cannabis to beat drink and drug addiction, there is some evidence to show that it has benefits in fighting these addictions. This study was released by Clinical Psychology Review.

This is somewhat tempered by a National Academies of Sciences Review that finds that cannabis use may increase the risk of being dependent upon other substances such as opioids. Perhaps the middle ground is that if it is medically proscribed, it has benefits against fighting addiction.

Alleviating depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and social anxiety

Here, the results are a little mixed with reviews finding that some conditions can be treated using marijuana but not others. For example, some of the symptoms from social anxiety can be alleviated by cannabis, but conditions such as bipolar or psychosis were beyond its capabilities and made conditions worse.

Nonetheless, there is evidence to show that cannabis can help people battle depression.

Fighting cancer

There is little evidence to show that cannabis can help fight cancer directly, although studies are ongoing in this area. There is compelling evidence, however, that it is a highly effective treatment against the symptoms of chemotherapy, specifically nausea and vomiting.


In 2017 a fourteen week study was conducted where children that suffered from either Dravet syndrome or Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, both severe iterations of the disease were treated with a CBD solution. CBD is a derivative from cannabis, the non-psychoactive element of marijuana.

The results were pretty startling. Children aged between 2 to 18, which had around 12 seizures per month saw their seizures fall by half on average. Of the 120 children tested, three children did not have seizures while on the medication.

Alleviating multiple sclerosis

Although slight, there is evidence to show that cannabis can bring pain relief to sufferers of the condition, and they see an improvement in spasticity symptoms.

Getting hold of medical cannabis in Britain

Although medical cannabis has been given the green light in the UK it is extremely hard to get hold of. The drug can only be proscribed by a doctor if there is no other medical alternative. The drug is also not licensed by NICE, the NHS’ organisation that regulates which drugs can be used with patients. All of this makes obtaining cannabis on the NHS very difficult.

What has angered people further that would benefit considerably from using medical cannabis is that Britain exports more medical cannabis than any other country in the world. Britain has a 44% market share and yet due to red tape, it cannot offer relief to severe conditions among her own people.

Growing your own

With this in mind, growing your own cannabis may well become your only option. Fortunately, there are good suppliers that can help you find seeds that will give you plants high in CBD. This is the active ingredient that can help bring relief to conditions that licensed pharmaceutical drugs cannot.

Find a good supplier and stop suffering from conditions unnecessarily.