A breakfast EGGstraordinaire!

A breakfast EGGstraordinaire!

Theresa Fisher takes a look at the eggstraordinary Egg Cooker/Steamer from Judge

This two in one steamer is fantastic for all round cooking. Not only does it cook anything from one to seven eggs to your exactly preference, it will also steam vegetables, fish, or anything your heart desires on a smaller scale.

It is perfect for steaming for a single person or a couple – it made a lovely steamed chicken and vegetable meal for myself in super quick time; and with an autostop function, you also don’t need to keep watching it or worry about overcooking.

The set comes with a water cup to ensure you put the exactly about of water into the unit for the cooking preference. It also comes with an egg shell pin to stop the shell from cracking or eggsploding during steaming.

It’s simple, easy and straightforward to use. There’s no need to put anything together or take apart for cleaning and it stores away neatly for the next use.

And for less than £20 it’s (for me) a must have gadget for the kitchen!