Is there a book inside you?

Is there a book inside you?

November is National Novel Writing Month so are you planning on writing your Magnum opus?

It is a common perception that there is a book in each one of us.  Some feel this very strongly and while most of us have a story to tell the writing of it is only the first of many hurdles.

However fascinating your story, whether true or fictitious, the actual physical act of putting it into words is a task beyond all but the dedicated. The actual time involved in writing is nothing compared to the planning stage which some authors advise is at least a year in duration.

Research is vital as even in memoir writing the facts are often hazy or incorrect as our memories trick us. Ask two people from the same family about an event in their childhood and you will frequently get different recollections.  It is vital that the details are correct as your readers will lose faith with inaccuracies.

I have talked to several authors and it appears that there are varied ways that they like to write:  there is no recommended method of writing.  Most do like to set themselves a word target per day, but some still write in longhand although most use a computer or word processor.

Some use music and others total silence.  However, self discipline is the most important factor, motivation, motivation, motivation!

Once you have written your book to the best of your ability and honed it to your satisfaction you need to find yourself an agent who will find you an editor.  Out of the many thousands of books writing every year few make it to the book sellers although with the advent of Amazon and e-readers it is easier to get your writing “out there”.

Dee Shoestring cover imageThere are also a plethora of publishers who will take on your book for a fee which is known as self-publishing or ‘vanity press’.  As long as you are aware that you have to pay this is a good way of getting your book into print.

However don’t assume that just because it is printed it means that it is going to sell.

There are many useful websites and books that can help you to get your work published and printed.

One particular book, which is very pertinent, is The Ultimate Guide to Writing & Marketing a Bestselling Book written by Dee Blick.

Dee is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a bestselling author herself.

We have five copies of the book to give away to the first five readers selected at random.

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