Blooming kind

Blooming kind

A mystery gardener has been bringing colour to a “nondescript” dual carriageway – by spending her days planting dozens of shrubs and flowers along the road.

The kindhearted resident can regularly be seen on her hands and knees tending to raised beds alongside the A52 in West Bridgford, Notts.

Mum-of-four Katya Olateju, who regularly drives down the road in the town, said it had previously been left unkempt by the local council

But over the last 18 months an unknown gardener has been brightening up the otherwise dull road by putting in bulbs and planting perennials.

Katya, who lives in Gamston, Nottingham said: “The flower beds look amazing.
Nothing was really going on there and she’s brought them to life.

“I think she’s doing it in her own time, she’s been out there on her hands and knees numerous times.

“We have stopped numerous times, we think it looks beautiful.

“She’s out there watering and planting and digging. She’s just created something that’s stunning.

“As we drive past, the children and I always notice the flower bed emerging and growing, she was always there tending to the plants.

“We stopped and said to her we thought it was lovely.

“I just think hundreds of people will have benefitted from this. It’s lovely when people do nice things for no particular reason.”

Other residents have also praised the green-fingered lady for “transforming the area”.

Karen Dalley, who lives nearby, said: “Before it was filled with shrubbery that the council would plant.

“It wasn’t very inspiring but now I walk my dog past it every day because it’s amazing.

“It’s ever changing as well. I think she comes out every day it keep it looking beautiful. I think it has changed everybody’s life.

“If you’re stuck in traffic on a Monday morning on your way to work, it will just lift your spirits.”

Jodie Mills, 23, said she loves walking her dog past the flowerbeds every morning.

She added: “For someone to give up their spare time to make the area look beautiful is wonderful.

“You just don’t expect community spirit like this in this day and age so it’s great to see.

“It didn’t look good beforehand but now it’s stunning. It really does cheer you up on a bad day.

“We’re all very grateful to her.”