Alzheimer’s Research UK pays tribute to Sir David Frost OBE

Alzheimer’s Research UK pays tribute to Sir David Frost OBE

Alzheimer’s Research UK, the UK’s leading dementia research charity, paid tribute to Sir David Frost on the day of the broadcaster’s memorial service at Westminster Abbey.

Sir David became a Patron of Alzheimer’s Research UK in 1995, generously donating both time and money to help the national charity improve public awareness of dementia and the scientific mission to defeat it.

He presented at a number of high profile events and receptions for Alzheimer’s Research UK and spoke to the media about his support of dementia research, helping the organisation boost its profile, and grow to become the largest dementia research charity in the UK.

Rebecca Wood, Chief Executive of Alzheimer’s Research UK, paid tribute to Sir David and said:

Sir David Frost - press“Sir David’s invaluable support helped to raise the profile of the vital work we do at Alzheimer’s Research UK in our mission to prevent, treat and cure dementia.

“In 2012, Sir David hosted an event for us at the Royal Society of Medicine in London. There he spoke passionately about the urgent need for more funding for research ‘to cut dementia at its roots’ and the importance of ‘developing treatments that halt the progress or prevent it from ever taking hold in the first place.

“Alzheimer’s Research UK is hugely appreciative of Sir David’s contribution. He is greatly missed and our thoughts are with his family on the day of his memorial service.”