A dog’s life

A dog’s life

Nowadays many re-homing centres are inundated with unwanted dogs in the months after Christmas and beyond.

Puppies are often left outside Dogs Trust centres because they are not house trained, not good with children, or just plain unwanted as they are considered to be too much work.

Some arrive because their owners can’t afford to feed them, or pay for vets’ bills so it sadly necessary to find a new home for them. Luckily there are charities other than just Battersea Dogs Home.

Dogs Trust have many centres all over the country that have lots of unwanted dogs looking for a new home. They do a fabulous job of matching a dog with the right new owner.

The staff at any branch will be happy to help you if you have a few little teething problems when the dog is re-homed. But thinking ahead – if your beloved dog dies and you miss them so much think about getting another one please do consider the charity, which has centres all over the country.

Dogs Trust has dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes. They take the time to match up a prospective owner with the right dog.

Many people visiting a Dogs Trust centre overlook the older dogs in there; which is a shame because they will give their new owners lots of love and joy.

These “Golden Oldies” are happy pottering along with their new owner, lying in comfort in front of a fire or just snuggling up on the sofa.


As an OAP I know that long walks are not necessary for either of us! Here are a couple of wonderful dogs looking for a home.

Sidney is an 8 year old Dachshund cross. He is not at ease are strangers, but with people he knows and loves he is very affectionate and loyal boy who delights to be in your company.

Sidney is also very young at heart. He is looking for a quiet home where he can enjoy a relaxed life and is the only pet – and there aren’t any children. His new owners need to be willing to make several visits to the Rehoming Centre so that Sidney can get to know them at his own pace.

German Shepherds

Gypsy and Zeus are six and seven year old German Shepherd dogs. They love each other! So much so that we are looking for a home where they can both live. Zeus relies on Gypsy and gets worried if she is not around.

They are looking for a home together where they are the only dogs and with older children (over 16 years). A garden is essential for these two as we suspect they have lived outside, so they like to while away the hours pottering in the fresh air.

I have a thirteen year old Jack Russell who is content in her old age. But if the worst comes to the worst and I lose Juba I would certainly offer an older dog a good home because like me they probably don’t want to go for long rambling walks and would be happy to curl up in front of the fire or on the sofa!

So for those who plan to give a dog as a present for Christmas please, please realise that a dog is for life.

by Jane Buckle