Should we make the right to die legal?

Should we make the right to die legal?

Basically I agree with what Mark Govier says but if a “clear advanced directive” was made legal there would most likely be abuse by those who would want their relative to die when not justified, so they could obtain their money and possessions. Also the relative in question could have been persuaded to make a living will stating this.

I agree it isn’t right that people should lose their inheritance because their relative lingers on for a long time, possibly in a vegetative state not able to do anything for themselves and needing to be in an expensive care home.


An assessment whether or not to keep the person alive should be made by two doctors, one not knowing much, or nothing, about the family, so he could give an independent opinion, and another who had contact with the family and can maybe add to this.


G. Davenport. By email.