10 of the best Christmas jumpers for 2014

10 of the best Christmas jumpers for 2014

The jingling of bells and the smell of cinnamon are just around the corner so it’s probably time you started updating that special Christmas wardrobe of yours.

Don’t grumble, we know you love a cheeky Christmas jumper! They’re tacky, fun and only come out once a year, so if your jumper selection needs updating for the festive season then take a look at our top ten of the best Christmas jumpers for this year:

10. Creepy Christmas

Christmas jumper3If you’re looking to push the Christmas jumper boundaries then invest in some knitwear from Morph Costumes.

Their Digital Dudz range has a special pocket in the jumper for your smartphone; you simply download a free app then place your phone in the pouch and then walk around with an animated character on your Christmas pull over.

From a gingerbread man being eaten alive to a creepy Santa with moving eyes, you can make quite an impression on Christmas Day.

9. Keep it classy

Never forget the classic Christmas jumper, featuring a Christmas pudding, a snowman or jolly Saint Nick himself. For the hipster fashionista go for a Fairisle print, featuring reindeers, Christmas trees and plenty of snowflakes.

8. Everyday value Christmas

Christmas jumperBecause nothing says Christmas like Tesco Everyday Value. Search on Etsy for this quality guaranteed jumper. Every little helps.

7. Ugly Christmas

Remember those really ugly Christmas jumpers your Mum wore in the 80s? Want to wear one yourself? Sites, such as eBay, are the best place to look.

You can wear your jumper with pride on National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, which takes place on December 12 – it’s a festive holiday that started in the USA but should definitely be embraced here too!

6. Potty for penguins

Expect penguins to be a big thing this Christmas after John Lewis unveiled their Christmas advert featuring Monty the Penguin and his friend Sam. Subtly announce your newfound love for the shuffling, flightless bird with this jumper from New Look.

5. Christmas costume

If you love fancy dress then you can become your favourite Christmas character by pulling on a fun Christmas jumper. The high street has plenty of designs available, from an elf to Santa himself, all you need to do is add a matching hat.

4. Happy birthday Jesus

Let’s not forget what this big day is all about, leave the presents and the jumbo sized tub of Quality Street alone and say Happy Birthday to Jesus with a knitted jumper, from ASOS.

3. Coca Cola Christmas

Christmas jumper2Everyone knows that it’s not Christmas until you’ve seen the Coca Cola truck advert in the advert break whilst watching X Factor. To celebrate this seasonal event, wear a Coca Cola truck emblazoned jumper and get in the festive spirit, you can find a great range on Truffle Shuffle’s website.

2. Geeky Christmas chic

It’s time to level up your Christmas jumper! For the nerd at heart Truffle Shuffle also have a brilliant range of Christmas jumpers featuring a fun pixelated Sonic the Hedgehog in a Christmas scene, the Playstation symbols placed amongst a Fairisle backdrop and Street Fighters doing battle in a Christmassy scene.

1. For the Grinch

Finally if the thought of Christmas prompts you to start up some quintessential British grumbling about overpriced rubbish and companies taking advantage then this is the shirt for you. It’s definitely not a Christmas jumper.


Featured image courtesy of Miyagawa on www.wikimedia.org