What to Consider When Crafting Your New Home’s Garden

What to Consider When Crafting Your New Home’s Garden

Whether you’re in a flat or a house with a small garden, when looking to move, getting a bigger garden is always high up your list. A bigger garden comes with a whole bunch of benefits. You have somewhere to relax in the warmer months. You can develop a hobby out of gardening. You can even enhance your help for the environment with flowers and hotels for bees.

Getting yourself a bigger garden essentially doesn’t come with a downside. This is, unless, you don’t know what to do with it well. Here, we’re offering help to people looking into getting into a new home and who want that perfect garden straight away.

Selling for a bigger garden

For the most part, selling to get a bigger garden will involve spending more. Generally, bigger gardens fetch higher house prices. There are some exceptions, of course. In cheaper and more rural areas, larger gardens and their homes can be much cheaper than city properties. On top of this, some agencies still undervalue former council properties that also have large gardens. Helping this is the current housing uptick.

In 2024, the UK housing market underwent a slow start. As expected, though, the warmer months heated up the buying. Some blamed it on pent-up demand. Other reports cite a bettering of mortgage conditions. Either way, it’s a good time to sell a house and cash in to move to a bigger garden. Helping to get everything moving is the array of selling options.

Anyone can test the housing market themselves or via high-street agents. Those who want to move more quickly or on an exact date that suits them turn to online platforms. Anyone thinking “I want to sell my house” can enter their postcode for an instant valuation. If the free cash offer is accepted, the seller can set their own timeframe without any hidden fees.

Getting that new garden right

You’ve got a new home. It’s a blank slate, more or less. So, you don’t want to waste your first opportunity to make the perfect garden. First of all, measure it all up and work out where you want to place storage, patio, furniture, areas for plants, and patches of lawn. If you want to go beyond this, it’s a good idea to get a general setup and theme in mind.

Many people like to have some kind of walkway to a sitting area, or have it sat next to the house to allow for more lawn space. If you have more lawn space, plants will likely be potted to the sides of the garden or around the sitting area. A path allows for a more natural surrounding decoration of plants. This way, you can walk through all of your beautiful flowers.

Another good way to make your garden unique is with a signature piece. Some people like decking with a pond, others go a bit smaller. A hot trend right now is a fairy garden. These are miniature decorative gardens with an enchanted theme. They’re cute, easy on the eye, unique, and could even be integrated with a bee hotel.

When you get into your new garden, plan it from the start to ensure that you get the garden of your dreams.