We’ve paid our dues

We’ve paid our dues

Hi, what a great paper and how can I get it on a regular basis?

The article tells it as it is. How dare this bunch of wallys dare to imply that we are receiving our own money back as a benefit and that we are a burden on the country’s finances.

If we had not worked, yes worked, (remember that worked) and had money deducted from our wages to secure our future, there wouldn’t be any money in the social pot, let alone money to give to all and sundry who come here.

All our major political parties just give our country’s cash away to anyone who asks, but not to those who have paid in, excuse me, am I missing something here?

So, let’s get it right, you work all your life, pay your bills and taxes, and then when you need it most you get kicked in the xxxx, great!

Next time I’m coming back as a total layabout, scoundrel, and general leach on society and then I will have a good life at someone else’s expense.

Pensioners need to realise their political worth, yes worth!!

If all 6 million (approx) forgot our political allegiances on this issue, and threatened who ever was in power that they will not get their vote unless they drastically changed their attitude towards us, in other words, give us the respect and treat us with dignity we deserve,

POWER, that’s what we have got POWER!

Consecutive governments treat us like dead wood. We should use our vote.

Alan Hireson, Walthamstow