Senior Moment – Take that!

Senior Moment – Take that!

Prime Minister David Cameron is facing a massive backlash following the revelations that former ‘Take That’ star Gary Barlow can keep his OBE despite being involved in a multi-million pound tax dodge.

No one likes to pay tax, particularly those who are struggling to make ends meet, but we all do. Many multi-millionaire celebrities, rock and film stars alike, who can afford to pay accountants and advisors handsomely to avoid tax, do so.

Personally I think that Barlow, who does do a lot for charity etc, etc, should keep the gong, but pay the tax he was liable for – but avoided. If all those rich enough to enjoy the benefits of these dubious, but still legal, schemes paid their fair share there would be more in the Government coffers to ensure elderly life-time tax payers were looked after in retirement and could enjoy a robust NHS.


Andrew Young, Mature Times editor

I maybe late to the party here but I’ve recently stumbled upon ITV game show, ‘Amazing Greys’. The programme sees a group of ‘greys’ take on a younger contestant in a number of games to see who comes out on top.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I remember reading about this concept a while back and being very cynical, but having watched it I’ve been persuaded – and changed my mind. The show is embracing our increasing older population and showing that we can still do anything we want to do, no matter what age.

And, although there is the expected banter between young and old it has restored my faith that most still have the utmost respect for their elders, but recognise we know how to have fun too.

It’s a brilliant concept and I can see more and more of these type programmes sweeping our television sets as society begins to embrace our changing demographic! So here’s to proving you can teach an old dog new tricks – and they can remember old ones too!


Is it just me or should we all, men and women alike, allow mother nature to take it’s natural course when it comes to ageing. I was horrified to see two screen sirens on the TV the other day having had what can only be described as extensive cosmetic surgery. Melanie Griffiths, married to Antonio Banderas and star of Working Girl and Bonfire of the Vanities and Daryl Hannah, Splash, Wall St, Kill Bill.

Both women 56 and 54 respectively, looked a little like drag queens, trying too hard. The natural feminine looks that once attracted adoration gone, replaced by a slightly lumpy, collagen-filled, rigid mask that actually aged both.

Male stars are as bad, Mickey Rourke, star of Nine and a Half Weeks and Angel Heart, looks much older than his 61 years thanks to – well I know he parties hard – cosmetic surgery. This may be a little controversial to our follically-challenged male readers who seek an alternative to hair.

But these women, who would still be attractive without surgery, stand out like a mannequin doll – much like men in wigs. I have never drawn attention to a bald man on the street, but notice every one of them wearing a ‘syrup’.


No, not me! I had the privilege of driving a beautiful classic Jaguar car last weekend. It was a 1954 XK140, named thus as it was the only road-going car at that time that would trouble the speedometer at that speed.

This racing green, sleek, spectacular car drew many an appreciative glance, wave and toot from those who appreciated it for its smooth lines, pedigree and place in motoring history (it won at Le Mans three years on the trot).

It was a true pleasure to drive, particularly when younger motorists in their supped up Japanese ‘go-karts’ tried to burn off the ‘old git’ in the ‘Noddy car’ – only for me to leave them for dust when I put my foot down and let the race-tuned, 194bhp, 3.4 litre flat six do all the talking!!!