Paula’s wines of the week starting 28th July 2014

Paula’s wines of the week starting 28th July 2014

More free wine is on offer from Aldi with their social media wine review campaign when the present crop of ten #AldiWineClub competition winners are ‘refreshed’ in October. Watch the Aldi website and this column for a reminder but in the mean time what review tips can we learn from the present winners as they post their tasting notes on the social media network Twitter?

Well using the hastag (#) #AldiWineClub for starters as this allows fellow wine, and Aldi, enthusiasts to follow a topic. By including #AldiWineClub in their monthly wine reviews allows the other competition winners to see what they are doing (and vice versa) plus wine writers and journos to read and then retweet (share or pass on) the reviews with other wine enthusiasts. Well that’s the long term aim.

Two wines have been sent out to the ten winners so far – Aldi’s Exquisite Collection Italian Gavi and their Venturer Series French red Costières de Nimes – with 100% positive reviews so far with notes on flavours and aromas plus food and occasion-matching suggestions – and all within the 140-character typing limit that Twitter forces users to adhere to. And that’s not easy I can tell you.

I wonder if we’ll see some more adventurous or wacky reviews as the review writers gain confidence? Perhaps matching the wines to a famous personality? You know, if this wine was a film star/football player/someone I’ve heard of (possibly) who would it be? (Difficult to be accurate or funny with this method). Or writing the review as a poem? (There are a few Twitter users who insist on writing in verse or Haikus but it’s a very small band). Or some other ingenious method that we can all cadge, I mean, make a homage to?

In the mean time let’s see what the winners are actually saying:

#AldiWineClub Panel Member Reviews

Aldi Exquisite Collection Italian Gavi £5.29

Stephen Porter (@stephenporter70) starts succinctly with ‘The Gavi was gorgeous!’

Charlie Ackroyd (@CharlieAckroyd) writes several tweets o the Gavi, ‘Just tried the Gavi. Fresh, floral nose. Slight spritz. Dry & slightly acidic. Very refreshing.’ Then ‘The Gavi’s a good alternative to Pinot Grigio. Great on a summer’s evening with friends. No food required.’ and finally ‘The Gavi is good value for money & the bottle is very classy looking.’

Matt Clancy (@mjclcdc) innovative review, ‘AldiGavi #AldiWineClub citrus zest fresh with a hint of butter enjoyed with risotto more than a match for more expensive Gavi


Aldi Venturer Series French Costières de Nimes £4.99

Andy Marsden (@Macpano) writes ‘Pleasantly warm red, lots of cherries on the palate, great with a roast. Great value for money too.’ And follows up with ‘at room temperature, gorgeous – which isn’t difficult in this weather.’

Joanne Lake (@Joanne_Lake) writes ‘This plummy, peppery Costières de Nîmes is SO good it makes a Mancunian feel Mediterranean.’

Charlie Ackroyd (@CharlieAckroyd), ‘The Costieres Nimes has cherry & liquorice on the nose. It’s acidic but has low tannins. Probably even better with red meat.’

Matt Clancy (@mjclcdc) describes the red as ‘Aldi Costières de nimes #AldiWineClub bold fruit & peppery tones needs strong food flavours. Very nice – perhaps a hearty winter warmer ?’

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