Paula’s Wines of the Week starting 21 March 2016

Paula’s Wines of the Week starting 21 March 2016

The move into British Summer Time always leaves me time disorientated but by 7pm this Sunday I know my system will have accepted the change – I can now listen to The Archers and admire the colour of a glass of lightly chilled white wine without needing to put the light on.

Longer periods of daylight send a signal to our brain to expect warmer days and nights. Our senses instinctively back this up by rejecting the dark reds and browns of winter and seeking out lighter colours.

So leave dark red Cabernet Sauvignons unopened and pick up a bottle of its white cousin Sauvignon Blanc instead. This light green coloured wine not only matches the burgeoning spring foliage but also the lighter foods we’ll be eating once the weather gets warmer: quiches, cold meats and cold soups all match its gooseberry smell and taste.

Sauvignon Blanc, though fresh and fruity, can be rather one dimensional so a good alternative are wines made with the Chenin Blanc grape.

Mostly made in South Africa, Chenin Blanc’s multiple fruit personality makes it versatile enough to match almost any dish. But its sweet melon and apple flavours also make it a good choice as an aperitif or an ideal partner to a large bowl of popcorn while watching that favourite film for the seventh time.

Spring-time needn’t be just about white wines; there are plenty of lighter reds that are an ideal match to lighter meals. Try French Claret or Beaujolais, or wines made with the Pinot Noir grape to find strawberry and redcurrant flavours.

PG Wine Reviews

Andarra Chilean Sauvignon Blanc 2013

£3.99 Aldi

With aromas of cheese and pineapple on sticks and flavours of creamy pineapple and grapefruit, this Sauvignon Blanc makes a good choice for everyday drinking and matching to nibbles and unpretentious nosh.


Asda Extra Special Italian Barbera D’Asti

£5 Asda

A deeply fruity red that’s amazing value.


Les Jamelles Viognier 2013, French

£6.99 Co-op

This brand from the Co-op is a reliable and well-priced wine. With creamy flavours of apple strudel and lemon this aromatic Viognier makes a good match to fish in herby sauces or even biscuits and cheese.


Angove Australian Long Row Merlot 2013

£8 Sainsbury’s

A nice fruity wine that tastes of cherry, raspberry and plum.


Berry Bros. & Rudd Chilean Sauvignon Blanc 2014


Light gooesberry and apple flavours. A nice mid-way Sauvignon Blanc bewteen the overblown gooseberryiness of New Zealand types and often too subtle apple flavours from France.


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