New ways of caring for people with dementia

New ways of caring for people with dementia

There are currently 5,553 people in Cardiff & the Vale diagnosed with dementia and the figure is set to rise dramatically.

In 10 years time it is estimated that over 1 million people will be diagnosed with dementia in the UK alone; more than the entire population of Birmingham; the UK’s second largest city

Many families will be affected by this devastating illness and this may include you (if it hasn’t already). There are already 670, 000 family members caring for a loved one with dementia in the UK.

One of the biggest fears of being diagnosed with dementia is not being able to communicate your wishes. Of losing a sense of yourself and control over your life. This is a terrifying thought.

But what if you knew that people around you, within your community and care settings understood the difficulties that you may experience as your dementia progresses and continue to connect with you. The future wouldn’t be so frightening, would it?


Jane Mullins

Jane Mullins, a dementia nurse specialist has created DUETcare which focuses on helping professionals and carers connect with the person with dementia through innovative ways.

Jane can train people to maintain a sense of being and human worth by treating them inclusively and respectfully.

This includes learning how to weigh up risk with safety to help the person with dementia maintain control in areas of their life where possible. This is Dignity

Dispel myths and impart knowledge on the nature of dementia and how it affects the individual person, their lives and their families. This is Understanding

Train family members, communities, carers and health and social care professionals to move into the world of the person they care for through creative means and a use of the senses. This is Empathy

Professor Tony Bayer, Director of Cardiff Memory Team and John Wyn Owen (previous Head of Health in Wales, advisor to John Major, President of RESEC: research in Specialist Elderly Care) endorse DUETcare in addition to carers and health and social care professionals.


Beti George

Beti George is Patron of DUETcare

If you need further information please email me at or call 07954690170.

There are 2 days left for crowdfunding appeal for vitally important dementia care training programme.