Need help and advice on buying travel insurance?

Need help and advice on buying travel insurance?

It is a fact of life that people over 65 are more likely to have a pre-existing medical condition that needs to be declared and covered on their travel insurance.

Despite this age group now having a much greater choice of holidays and travelling further afield, travel insurance for over 65s tends to carry higher premiums, as insurers view them as higher risk because they are more likely to suffer health problems.

3121 Travel Insurance Guide_A5 32pp.inddWhile older people may feel discriminated against because of their age, it’s not worth them taking the risk of travelling uninsured, as they could end up vastly out of pocket should the worst happen.

Instead, they need to focus their efforts on finding affordable cover.

The latest in the Mature Guides series, The Mature Guide to travel insurance is a handy to use and easy to read guide packed with tips aimed at helping older travellers when considering the purchase of travel insurance.

The guide came about as a result of the numerous enquiries we received here at the Mature Times offices regarding travel insurance for older people.

MT editor Andrew Young says, ”We receive many, many e-mails, letters and telephone calls from our readers regarding this subject. We know that as you get older travel insurance becomes more expensive, but there are ways that you can try to help offset some of these increases – and this guide can help you.”

“Packed with tips on what to do, where to go and what questions to ask, the guide really can help you and potentially save you money on your purchase.

We might all think that buying travel insurance is a simple transaction to undertake, but you would be surprised at how difficult this can get as you age.”

The guide costs £4.95, including postage and packaging and is an easy to read booklet.  If you would like to pay by either debit or credit card then simply call 01934 864410 during normal office hours and we will take your payment details.

If you would prefer you can send a cheque payable to Mature Times for £4.95 to Mature Guides, Highwood House Publishing, Unit 6, Railway Wharf, Station Road, Wrington, Bristol BS40 5LL.