Beanstalk celebrates World Book Day by launching ‘Inspire a child to read’ campaign

Beanstalk celebrates World Book Day by launching ‘Inspire a child to read’ campaign

To celebrate World Book Day, on Thursday 3rd March national children’s literacy charity Beanstalk is launching a campaign to ‘Inspire a child to read’.

The campaign, featuring an exclusive new film, aims to encourage people to become Beanstalk trained reading helpers and change a child’s life through inspiring them to read. You can watch the film here:

Beanstalk – Inspire a child to read from Beanstalk on Vimeo.

World Book Day is usually a day of celebration, with children in schools across England marking the day by dressing up as their favourite book character. However, for the 63,000 children set to leave primary school unable to read well it won’t be so easy to join in the fun. By becoming part of the ‘Inspire a child to read’ campaign, people can help change this by becoming Beanstalk trained reading helpers in their local primary school.

Ginny Lunn Beanstalk CEO said:

  • “World Book Day is a time to celebrate the joy of reading and the difference it can make. Sadly, far too many children aren’t able to enjoy the life –changing magic of reading – that’s why we’ve launched our ‘Inspire a child to read’ campaign.”
  • “By simply volunteering as a Beanstalk reading helper in a local school you can give a child the skills, confidence and imagination they need to succeed in life. If you’d like to change the life of a child in your community, then please get in touch with us to find out how you can inspire a child to read! ”

Each Beanstalk trained reading helper works with – on average – 3 children, seeing each child for two 30 minutes sessions a week, during term-time, for three terms. Together they read, play and talk.

Beanstalk already supports approximately 10,000 children in England with the help of 2,900 volunteers, but hopes with the support of the local community it can help even more children discover the magic of reading.

To find out more about becoming a Beanstalk trained reading helper, visit or call 020 7729 4087