Meet The Cat With His Own Office!

Meet The Cat With His Own Office!

Baghera the cat has affectionately just “been promoted” and given his own office by Ferne Animal Sanctuary staff at Wambrook, Chard, Somerset.

Naomi Clarke, Head of Animal Care said: “Baghera has so much character and confidence; he really does think he’s the MD at Ferne. We gave him his own office because every time someone left their chair he jumped up and stole their seat because it was warm – and then just wouldn’t leave!

“So now he has his own domain. He even has a notice on his door which says: ‘Baghera DSH (which stands for domestic short hair). Sleeping/Meeting in Progress. Please do not disturb – unless you have food in which case, knock and enter.’ Everyone who sees it thinks it’s hilarious!”

“Just recently, our auditors visited and needed to use his office. Even then, Baghera wouldn’t move. He just looked up as though to say: ‘What are you doing here?’ Then promptly ignored them and went back to sleep!”

Nine months ago Baghera was a stray who was taken into a vet and ended up at Ferne. The animal care team all adore him, but he needs a permanent residence.

Naomi continued: “Baghera needs a special home. Ideally, with someone who is around quite a bit. He doesn’t mind other cats, but wouldn’t be suited to a home with small children. Older children would be fine. He has so much character and confidence and is so funny. He’s also arrogant and has no fear – but everyone who meets him can’t fail to love him.”

Baghera loves food and recently licked the butter off the hot cross buns in the office – and then the buns disappeared. He also sometimes thinks he’s a dog and often sits alongside a large nine-year-old German Shepherd Cross called Maggie and steals her food from under her.

“Maggie gives Baghera very strange looks as though to say: ‘Are you serious?’ but she just leaves him alone. We will be very sad to see Baghera go, but he does need a home. We’d love to hear from anyone who might be interested, they can call us on 01460 65214”, said Naomi.

Ferne Animal Sanctuary recently launched their £1m project “New Digs for Dogs” to build a new enhanced kennel block, improved grooming and veterinary care room, information hub, social unit, offices, reception and purpose built rehoming centre at their site in Somerset.

Fundraising packs for the appeal and details of how to donate can be obtained by calling Ferne Animal Sanctuary on 01460 65214 or by visiting