Give others digital inspiration

Give others digital inspiration

Seven million people in the UK have never used the internet – and six million of them are aged over 55. Millions more don’t have basic online skills such as sending emails or searching the web.

If you go online regularly, you’ll know they are missing out on a huge range of benefits – from shopping and paying bills to keeping in touch with family and friends and saving money. It’s been estimated that households save on average £560 a year by being online.

That’s why Digital Unite, one of the UK’s main providers of digital skills learning, wants everyone who knows their way around a computer to get involved with Spring Online, its annual digital inclusion campaign in association with Carphone Warehouse.

The idea is to hold events in your community to inspire other local people to get to grips with digital technology. Last year around 20,000 people were helped to get online as part of the award-winning campaign.

How you run your event is completely up to you. Whether you help one, or one hundred people – it all absolutely counts and Digital Unite will help all the way with activity ideas, advice and downloadable marketing materials.

Dick Stroud of Digital Unite says: “Spring Online is a great way to get involved with your local community. You could invite your neighbours in for biscuits and broadband or take a tablet to your local café or pub. We’ve even had events at a fish and chip shop and football club! However you do it, it’s all about giving people their first, inspiring taste of the internet.”

This year, Spring Online takes place from 31 March–4 April.

Take a look at for ideas and advice, plus the chance of winning of some great prizes in the Spring Online Best Event Awards when you register your event.